Butterfly Mandala

Butterfly Mandala

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Born in New Mexico, travelled the world with family and settled in Australia. I love my wife, spirit, music, writing, photography, photoshop and nature. We are all one. View all posts by joeart27

7 responses to “Butterfly Mandala

  • Hanno Phenn

    I like it .A very nice piece.

  • leecleland

    Beautiful compilation.

    • joeart27

      Thanks Lee. Didn’t know you too are from Australia! Your work is beautiful, I love “Texture with Bullrush”. I will have to explore your site in depth.

      • leecleland

        Thank you – I am only new to photoshop (elements) and struggle with it so your comments are doubly appreciated.

  • Christine Irving

    Your work is utterly beautiful and completely engaging. As always I’m in awe. This is actually a comment on your whole body of work. The piece tagged Artemis and Athena of the Girl walking in the snow moved me deeply. As for the butterfly, Nature made the colors but human intelligence added the eye with all its many layers of meaning – the eyes to see; the eyes on the wings of many moths and butterflies meant to fool, frighten and warn off predators; the observing eye of the artist; the eye of God; etc. etc. Lovely, lovely encapsulation of ideas and imagery. Thank you!

    • joeart27

      Thank you for your comments Christine. I just read your piece “The Art of Letting Go”. I love the revelation that we can all perform ritual, in whatever form seems natural to us. As in art, there is no right or wrong way. Thank you.

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