Through the Wings

Through the Wings

you came as promised
through an open window
on tiny moth wings
and danced in front of me
and gave me a chance
to say some of the things
that were left unsaid

About joeart27

Born in New Mexico, travelled the world with family and settled in Australia. I love my wife, spirit, music, writing, photography, photoshop and nature. We are all one. View all posts by joeart27

4 responses to “Through the Wings

  • TheAmazingAmado

    You conjure beautiful, poignant words. And the digital art that you have are wonderful.

    • joeart27

      Your very kind. I noticed that you too like Zeus! I have written a book about Pandora (her side of the story) and the first chapter is attached to the image “Eye in the Mist”. I hope you like it.

      • TheAmazingAmado

        Thanks. Pandora’s story would be very interesting! What is the title of your book? I’ve also read “The Firebrand.” It’s about Kassandra’s (said to be Paris’ deranged twin sister) of the fall of Troy.

  • joeart27

    I think i’ll call it “Pandora”!!! ? There will be illustrations/collages with each of 30 chapters. Each chapter is only a page so it will be a coffee table book. I will post the next chapter tomorrow.

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